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Are you interested in our affiliate program?

Just leave your e-mail address and we will contact you personally.


The goal of our affiliate program

Through our affiliate program, we would like to attract new partners and create exciting and fruitful collaborations. To be able to actively support our partners, we have put together a couple of special partner packages with truly rewarding benefits. We are searching for entrepreneurs with similar interests, who are also looking for a committed partner.


We can offer you

We are looking for

  • Entrepreneurs with similar interests and focus
  • Professionals in their respective areas
  • (ideally in the Web or graphics area)
  • New projects for our Online Creator


Founder Mario Sommerhalder

"A good network needs committed partners.
We lay the foundation."

- Founder Mario Sommerhalder



Artikel im Oltner Tagblatt

"But this platform should not serve primarily private customers, its also especially interesting for web agencies."
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White labeling allowed

By displaying your own logo you will be focused. If you lead your customers through your own login link, your logo will be displayed everywhere instead of doitclevers logo. That's how you treat our solution as if it were your own.



Our partner packages

Let us make use of everybody involved and encourage fruitful collaborations. We have designed many interesting packages for our partners to choose from. If you have any additional ideas for a possible cooperation, feel free to contact us.



20% Commision

For each customer you commit to us, you will get a commission of your sold licenses and you can continue to serve the customer. In that case you win twice!



50 $ each recommendation

As an alternative to the commission, which is paid out at the end of the year, you will receive a fixed amount at the time of registration. You decide how you want to work with us.




You're welcome to discuss the collaboration with us. Propose a possible cooperation and set your own price. This option is reserved for close partners only.




The intelligent Online Creator

We have developed an Online Website Creator that enables you to create and edit websites directly online. Unlike other products on the market, our Online Creator offers more freedom for web publishers and developers. Thanks to its outstanding user-friendliness and intuitive interface, our Online Creator is also a perfect tool for amateurs. Web publishers, designers, and laymen can all work using the same system. Here are a few advantages specifically for the web publishers:


  • Web pages can be copied to existing servers (
  • Online CSS editor (no development environment required)
  • Full support of Bootstrap 4, Foundation 5 and Font Awesome
  • New plugins can be added at the touch of a button
  • No installation required (unlike for Wordpress and such)
  • Swiss quality and the support of our partner network


You can test our Online Creator free of charge. The motto here is "Reduce to the max" because you only need a valid e-mail address and a password to register. After the registration, you can simply choose your design and start right away.